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We want to welcome you to our blog. We know the world is changing and digitalization is driving those changes, we are being part of this revolution not just passively, but as Protagonists, Architects, Developers and Makers. We must embrace with responsibility this challenge commit with the world to create technology that really tackles the most important problems that our generation is facing. I am sure the key is not in the technology itself but in the people that creates it.

The world demands technology but beyond that, we need great people doing it because the greatness that technology will bring to humanity it will be the same to the greatness of the people that create it.

This is specially relevant now, when we are just in the inflection point of what some call the fourth industrial revolution, when biotech and infotech are exponentially changing how we live and probably what we are.

I am a believer that historically Mexico owes a lot to the modern world, we have a rich culture, wisdom, ability and values ​​that we have not really used plus in the last years we have been redefining what a tech professional in Mexico is. I am pretty sure that we have the capacity to offer the world to new approaches and solutions to the biggest challenges of humanity.

Far away from our reputation, I think that today we live in a vibrant environment that are pushing our limits to the frontiers of technology, collaboration and innovation.

I make a call to all mexican young tech enthusiasts, engineers, designers and businessman to shape the XXI century. And also I make a call to all of you that is wondering if collaborating with tech mexican professionals is a good idea, to give us a chance to demonstrate the superpowers we have developed.

I also want to invite all of you to follow our blog posts, we will be discussing on topics such as Technology and Innovation, Happiness at Work, IT Management and Remote Work, really hope you find our content useful, challenging and transformative.

I want to finish with a quote from my friend and collaborator Marco L:

Digital Hype is for those who want to set the bar high and go to the frontier of innovation and technological demands, those who want to get out of the cave and redefine their aspirations.

If you want to get in touch with me, just drop me an email I will be glad to know more enthusiasts that believe that technology can change the world, but people will do.

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