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Have you ever thought about switching your local software development provider (SDP) to a nearshore partner service in México?

That is one of the questions that some companies in the US ask themselves, however, in most of the cases, they do not know how to choose the correct provider, or worst case scenario, they do not know that these kind of services exists in the market.

If you are one of those companies looking to explore these types of services, you have to read this information that may be of your interest. We will provide some of the most recommendable aspects to consider in the selection of a mexican business partner and the advantages that you may consider to have a remote relationship with your SDP.

¿Nearshore or In-house?

First step is to detect that your company really has a need to expand its software development services. You have to deploy: 

  • If your company wants to optimize its budget, transferring direct costs to a third-party partner.
  • If you need a strategic partnership, not a simple hand-off of duties to a third-party, then you can:
    • Access new pool of talent
    • Add specialization  to your development team.
    • Expand geographical scope and business network of the company.

¿Offshore or Nearshore?

Compared to Offshoring, Nearshore has many important advantages you have to consider besides the costs. If your project is into the next assumptions you definitely should go with a nearshore instead of an offshore IT vendor:

  • You will need to meet personally with your team members. The travel expenses will be less expensive and you will be just 2-3 flight-hours away from your vendor. In the case of Mexico there also another benefits coming from the NAFTA agreement such as the TN Visas that allow IT Consultants longer stays in the US.
  • You will need to synchronize over a similar time zone to facilitate agility
  • You will need cultural affinity to facilitate team integration and boost innovation.
  • You will need to protect your intellectual property rights (IP) with NAFTA agreement, Mexican and US companies have homologated laws for IP protection.

How to evaluate a Nearshore provider:

Having all of these features above considered in your final decision, as an US Company you would find several advantages having a nearshore partner in Mexico that would bring you capacities that you have not had in the past. You have to be sure your new Nearshore vendor brings you benefits such as:

  • Go hand in hand with you, understanding your business and needs.
  • Budget optimization
  • Increase Tech Stack experience and availability
  • Attrition reduction
  • Time zone and US Culture affinity
  • Communication and collaboration Skills to increase productivity
  • Help you to develop specific practices and processes, import agility and new methodologies.
  • Must have a solid project structure to offer different tactical engagement models such as:
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Project Based
    • Tactical Consultancy
    • Offshore/Nearshore Development Center

Now, you are able to take better decisions and select the right nearshore partner for achieving your company goals.

If you would like to have a deep conversation and understand more about DIGITALHYPE Nearshore Services, please do not hesitate and contact us.



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