Mitigating Talent Shortage

Empowering Mexican Developers Success

Digitalhype is a professional services company, specializing in software development and nearshore solutions. Our purpose is to mitigate the tech talent shortage while creating unique growth opportunities for high-potential talent.

Our Core Values


Honesty and Moral integrity

Learning Mindset

Embrace Continuous Learning

Sharing Knowledge

Amplify the results and build community


Go Beyond expectations


Our Leadership Team

We believe that people are the center of any business success story. We believe as well that cultural diversity is the key motor of our countries and communities’ progress and development. That’s why we foster the integration of multicultural engineering  teams.

Clemente Gonzalez

CEO & Co-Founder

Hugo Martinez

Business Development Director & Co-Founder

Gerardo Nava

co-Founder & Facilities

Juan Cervantes

co-Founder & VCs

Manuel Juarez

Human Resources

Juventino Saucedo

Operations Manager

Maria Prieto

Talent Attraction Manager

Ariadna Guadarrama


Jimena Magallanes

Digitalhype Academy Coordinator

Horacio Fenton


Our Added Value

We provide our clients with a pre-filtered pool of candidates, assign the best-fit personnel for their project, ensure that our team members work solely on one project at a time, and supervise and take care of them.

Start Your Software Development Team In Mexico

Since 2014 we have perfected the art of discovering, hiring, training and managing tech talent at the speed our customers need.