We’d like to introduce the people behind our company!

We are strong ethics professionals driven by the belief that we can create a better world through better technology, and that we can create better technology with better people. Our mission is helping our customers to reduce the talent-shortage effects by developing and connecting them to talented people in Mexico and Latin America.

But you know what, we also love to be part of this because of its side effects, better salaries for people in developing countries, better lifestyle, less violence and more development in our communities.

Our Leadership Team

We believe that people are at the center of any business success story. We also think that cultural diversity is a key driver of progress and development for our countries and communities. That’s why we foster the integration of multicultural engineering teams.

Clemente González

CEO and Co-founder

Juan José Cervanes


Gerardo Nava


Hugo Martínez

BDD and Co-founder

Juventino Saucedo

Operations Manager

Ariadna Guadarrama

Finance Manager

Karina Santoyo


Horacio Fenton


Soraya Granados


Open positions

Do you have what it takes? We are hiring!


Ready to get into the hype? Being a Digitalhyper is more than just being another brick in the wall, it is being a part of a family and friends who work qualitatively to grow as professionals, persons and to boost the development of our communities and countries.

We are constantly looking for top talent who want to leap into their careers. We are committed to creating a great place to work by creating an environment that fosters personal and professional relationships.

Do you want a boost in your career? Working with us means being part of projects to build the next-gen technology.

Marco Lujan
Software Engineer
“DigitalHype is for those who want to set the bar high and go to the frontier of innovation and technological demands, those who want to get out of the cave and redefine their aspirations "
Karina Santoyo
Marketing Specialist
Working at Digitalhype is more than being a part of a company. It means being part of a big family and having people to count on. They help us to improve ourselves.


We want you to be your best with us. Want more? here you go:

  1. #WFH: Work from where you want to be
  2. #Multicultural: Expand yourself. Interact with people around the world from different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas.
  3. #Family: Being part of Digitalhype is like a big family. We care, we understand, we help each other.
  4. #Diversity: We encourage our people to be unique. At Digitalhype our goal is to foster a diverse and inclusive environment.
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