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Where BPO and IT Investments Generate the Best Returns
Why a Value Lens is So Important for Location Evaluation

The Nearshore Value Index 2023, presented by Nearshore Americas Company (NSA), presents a comprehensive evaluation of investment opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean, specifically focusing on BPO and IT sectors.

Selecting the right location for investment requires diligent research and data validation to ensure long-term success. While choosing a new geography is just one part of the strategic process, other crucial factors include effective management, HR and talent strategies, cost analysis, and addressing various market-specific challenges.

NSA has observed both positive and negative experiences in opening new locations. Often, leaders make assumptions without conducting sufficient research, leading to misaligned expectations with ground realities. To bridge this gap, the newly developed “Nearshore Value Index” aims to highlight locations that offer the best value for investment. The index comprises a list of top ten IT/digital destinations and top ten CX/call center locations, based on a rigorous methodology.

For the top 10 IT/Digital destinations, one such location highlighted in the index is Aguascalientes, Mexico. Positioned in the heartland of the country, Aguascalientes is an emerging gem for Mexican IT, offering a unique combination of favorable factors. Despite not being as renowned as Guadalajara, Mexico City, or Monterrey, Aguascalientes benefits from its ideal size, steady growth, technological capabilities, and international business attention.

The city strikes a balance between affordable talent and a conducive environment for foreign investment and tech ecosystem development. While relatively small in terms of population, Aguascalientes is experiencing rapid growth and attracts immigration due to its status as one of Mexico’s fastest-developing business destinations.

Notably, we are proud to mention that Digitalhype is located in Aguascalientes, recognized as the premier city in Mexico for such endeavors.

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