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Be the leader. Don’t stop your digitalization strategy.

covid digitalization strategy

We know, driving change during these chaotic and unprecedented times is challenging for business leaders, that is why in this post, we want to inspire you with two business success cases and, also to introduce a cost-effective alternative to keep your digital transformation projects up and running even if you are facing budget constraints.

Surely you are pressed by uncertainty,  budget constraints, and probably you have to decide if long term projects are a priority or not. Furthermore,  envision new business necessities that have arisen due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, the argument for digital transformation has never been stronger or relevant. Nowadays, it is very important to persist in new approaches that leverage your business growth through technology. 

Take a second to think about the incredible things that some organizations have achieved in matters of days or weeks. Such as healthcare companies  started treating patients remotely, schools became 100% online, retailers launched omnichannel strategies, gyms sending material online and combining it with online classes, manufacturers using 3D printing, or producing completely different products.

These pivots only could happen in organizations that were ready for digital transformation, companies that have leaders that are ready for change, and who have the cultures that are ready to boost innovation. This is the best way digital transformation looks.

Business Case: The Keyholding Company

Taken from: https://www.smartindustry.com/articles/2020/

“Before the pandemic, a national network of keywardens would lock and unlock buildings on behalf of the staff, but with businesses closed down this service was no longer required. Faced with losing a valuable revenue stream, The Keyholding Company realized that the lockdown presented an opportunity; while sites would stay locked and unstaffed, this means that there was a new demand for these sites to be visited by security staff, to check that the empty properties were secured, and to act as a deterrent against crime. This called for a transformation of the existing service, replacing locks/unlocks with an entirely new service offering external and internal property patrols.

As a result of the ongoing relationship with their technology partner of four years, The Keyholding Company was able to build out its existing client-portal functionality and job processes and reconfigure them to support an entirely new product offering for scheduled patrols in just a few days. This kind of new product build would typically take weeks, if not months. However, the experience and knowledge of both internal and supplier resources fast-tracked this process. The close working relationship between the partner engineers and the internal IT experts was also crucial to this speed of delivery”.

Business Case: JenninHome

JenninHome is a bed linen and home goods wholesaler that has been working with Digitalhype for the last 2 years being hotels their main market. Since the pandemic affected the hospitality industry all procurement processes in the hotels were stopped, and JenninHome revenue decreased during the last two months, they envision this situation as an opportunity to expand their business for final customers a project that had been in the desktop for a while.

B2B procurements rarely rely on digital platforms, especially speaking of big hotels and big chains; JenninHome sales force was mainly focused on in-person selling. In a matter of weeks, we helped them to deploy different integrations between its warehouse management system, their point of sale in their physical stores, their E-commerce, and some of the most popular ecommerce and marketplaces in Latin America to enable their omnichannel strategy. During the last weeks, they have seen 2 digit growth every week in their revenue coming from online end-customer purchases.

These are just a couple of examples of many that you can find on the internet about companies around the world, disrupting what they used to be.

What is nearshore and how it can help you to maintain your innovation strategies, and be cost-effective?

“Nearshore is a service delivery model where software vendors enable a remote team in Mexico that will work on-demand on your project needs.”

The following are just some of the benefits of working with Nearshore Partners: 

  • Huge pool of highly skilled IT professionals
  • Same time zone synchronization.
  • Cultural and business affinity versus Asian vendors
  • IP protection under T-MEC (NAFTA) agreements

Feel free to reach us to know more about decreasing your IT cost working with a Nearshore Partner.