Business Cases


When Leasepath saw a strategic need to be able to move into Mexico and the Latin region with acquiring new customers, and at the same time to also add to its technical staff, they partnered with Digital Hype.

“By finding a partner in Mexico, we were able to solve both problems. Now we have people that speak Spanish, who can help represent us in our quest to get customers or support existing customers in the region, as well as improve our cost basis as well.”

The CEO says, the company explicitly did not want to find something in the traditional offshore model – “we didn’t want to go 12 time zones away – and were looking for something that was close in culture and geography so that they could collaborate with each other in real time.

He emphasizes the need to partner with a nearshore company that really listens. “I’d say look for a boutique team, a team that is not trying to be the largest in the country or the largest in Latin America, because then you just get more bodies,” he says.

Leasepath’s experience with Digital Hype highlighted for Bilbrey the need to have a partner that provides a truly personalized service.